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When I typically think of being judgmental, I think of religious intolerance or ignorance of things not understood. These past few days I have witnessed a different kind of judgmental behavior. I have a few things to say.
Rednecks are not bad people. I have a very dear friend whose husband is a “redneck”, he drinks beer, watches NASCAR and grills meat outside, rides four wheelers and goes mudding, he is one of the best people I know. Huge heart, kind, caring and thoughtful. I am wondering if I should mention his father is a doctor and his mother a socialite. You can never ever judge a person by what is on the outside.
My amazing daughter Elizabeth hunts with a crossbow, lives on a farm, raises cattle, pigs, guinea hens and whatever else one can think of. Oh did I mention she is a former Hooters girl. She is beautiful, smart, funny and educated.
My sons work on cars. My dad was a mechanic, my grandfather was a mechanic and my first husband was a mechanic.
I myself was raised in a small town in Oklahoma, I am well read, I love music of all kinds, from Vivaldi to Tim McGraw, and I also listen to Snoop Dogg and other rappers. I read Joseph Campbell and my favorite philosopher is Mary Wollstonecraft. One of my favorite movies is Urban Cowboy, I cry every time Bud and Cissy break up. And I cry harder when they find their way back to each other. And Ronald Reagan is and always will be my favorite president. What does that make me?
When and where does the judgmental thinking stop? What gives a group of people the right to think they are better than any other group? This is the question of the day. I know that I can have a tendency to be rather snotty; however, that snottiness is more directed towards people who behave badly.
Just for the record, country music does not make me vomit, I listen to rap, and I am friends with self admitted rednecks, as well as being friends with highly evolved people. I have friends from every walk of life, I cherish each and every one of them, they are all different, unique individuals. I am so happy I don’t choose my friends based on socio-economic standards. I am so happy that people choose to be friends with me. All of them add so much richness and color and a storyline to the tapestry that is my life.
Oh and for the record, when I was younger I also enjoyed mudding, not so much the hunting, my dad took me once and it was a disaster. I spent hours on my hair and makeup only to come to the realization that the animals did not appreciate my perfection.

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    I totally agree with you. I also am so glad that I don’t select my friends according to their social class. To me judging people’s way of life is just as prejudice as judging them based on their race. I mean we all have the GOD given right to be individuals. Not everyone is going to like what or who you like, but our differences is what makes us so great. I too have friends from all walks of life and that is how I like it. If you stagnate yourself, how will you grow? And I mean stagnating yourself by only being in your comfort zone. Learn a little bit about the people who live in the world around you. You might find that what you thought was bad or unacceptable is really tolerable. Also learn to sweep around your own front porch before you start sweeping around someone else’s. If the only thing you can find to talk about or critize is someone else or what they like, then maybe YOU NEED A BETTER LIFE.
    Whew! I guess I was on a soapbox myself. Later Angie. Love ya.

  2. I need to vent before I bust.

    I am soooo sick of people saying one thing then doing another. Or wanting to ride the fence. For example why have guidelines if you aren’t going to follow them? I mean if you think they are incorrect tell the people who can change them, but in the meantime you have to follow them until it gets changed. Otherwise how are the makers of that guideline gonna know a change needs to be made? This just irks me so bad. Then you have a mgr that says she has your back but can you really trust that? I know first hand that I can’t. So why am I going to not follow written guidelines hoping that if I get in trouble for it she will have my back. Urgghhh. I mean I know its all about customer service and doing whats best for the customer but if that is the belief why not change the guideline? That is confusing. Do I stay in my scope or do I go out. That ticks me off but hey I’m gonna let it go and do what I know is right. I just don’t understand. If we are making this up as we go then cool. But don’t get mad at me when I actually do that and someone else doesn’t like it.

    Angie you just provided me with a place to vent. I needed to get that off my chest. Now I don’t want to talk about it anymore because its useless. Things up here are how they want it when they want it.

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