Movie Etiquette

It’s April, more importantly it’s almost the middle of April. That means the 4th month of the year is almost gone. Where is the time going? I don’t understand how it goes faster and faster. I don’t know how it is possible. When I was younger time seemed to stand still at times. I wish there were moments I could capture, bottle and keep forever. I know what you are thinking; photographs are the way to go. However, it is not always appropriate to stop whatever you are doing and photograph it.
This weekend, Tessa was with me, and these are the moments I wish I could bottle. She is so sweet and funny and so much fun to be with. She has become obsessed with race cars. Yes, race cars. I have Jeffrey and Alex’s old hot wheels cars and she loves them. She plays with Barbie dolls, Lincoln logs, legos, crayons and hot wheels. She runs the gamut of toydom. Also we had to watch the Aristocats no less than four times. I can almost sing the whole movie. Her father, Jeffrey, was obsessed with the Junglebook at her age. I can still sing those songs. Alex loved Pocahontas; Elizabeth loved The Beatles, The Yellow Submarine. And yes I can sing the songs from both of those movies as well.
I wish I could go back in time and watch those movies with my children again. I have the best kids to watch movies with; they don’t talk during the movie. We sit and watch, without commentary. It is disturbing to watch a television show or movie with someone who feels the need to talk during the whole thing. And yes, we know people like that. No matter how hard you stare at them or sigh and pause the movie or show they keep talking! You all know who you are….

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  1. LOL. I can be guilty of that sometimes. Especially if I’ve seen the movie and someone else hasn’t. If they ask me I just want to tell them whats happening. But not like the whole movie. Like explain something to them. But if its a movie I haven’t seen, I’d rather just watch in silence. Then discuss. lol. Too funny.

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