More thoughts on coffee

How much caffeine is too much? That is rhetorical. I have a theory, I believe that certain people have a high tolerance for caffeine, and yes, I know that in certain people it is known to cause cancer and a myriad of other problems. However, I believe, in my case, that it is my lifeblood. The other day someone tweeted that they had so much caffeine that their skin was buzzing. I thought that is the way I feel every day. I literally drink a pot of coffee every morning before I leave the house for work. Before everyone faints from shock, and yes I know that much coffee drinking is shocking, that is the only coffee I drink all day. Except for Friday, when I have my coffee treat from Starbucks.
My grandmother used to drink coffee all day long, she would put the most horrendous liquid sweetener in it and then drink it like that, no cream, no milk, nothing just that sweetener and the coffee. My grandfather used to tease her about it. She would make me milk coffee. I think she is the one that got me addicted! I think I might mention my grandmother lived to be 98. If I could put numbers in all caps I would totally put her age in all caps. She was vibrant and very much in her right mind up till the very end. I tend to believe it was all of the caffeine in her system. So, my theory is, I will live forever due to the caffeine. She lived on coffee and candy, and was a tiny little woman. Oh, brilliant idea! My new diet! Coffee and candy! Of course that would mean I would have to drink my coffee sans cream, which is totally not going to happen. Hmmm, maybe just coffee, I could drink coffee all day long, and not eat. Do you know I honestly don’t remember my grandmother eating anything but candy. I think Elizabeth inherited that trait, while I got the coffee trait. So, if the next time you see me and I am only eating candy and drinking coffee, you will know I am trying this diet.

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  1. Hmm I agree our family has a high tolerance to caffine it doesn’t effect me one bit and neither does sugar aka candy or anything else with lots of sugar, no buzz no high no nothing still the same no matter how little or much I eat or drink

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