My favorite place on earth is the museum, any museum. There is one in Oklahoma called Woolaroc; it is such a fun place. It has the history of Oklahoma and the pioneer people and the Native Americans, it also has a wildlife preserve with buffalos. I have been going there since I was a child. I took Elizabeth and Alex there a few years ago. I hope they had as good a time as I have had there over the years.
The museum I frequent here is the DMA, Dallas Museum of Art, I feel at home there, perhaps due to all of the old things there, I relate. When I was taking Art Appreciation, one of our assignments was to go to the museum and find a piece from the Ancient Egyptian or Mesopotamia eras. I wandered about aimlessly. At that time I was going through a very dark period in my life, and even going to the museum was a supreme effort. Nothing spoke to me, which is unusual, because I love Ancient Egypt. The art, the stories they have translated from the art, just fascinates me. I particularly love Bastet, even sculptures of her left me cold.
So I left that area of the museum and wandered over to the European paintings. That is where I found it, the painting that gave me the strength to get beyond my situation and carry on. It was a landscape, of a cemetery, not just any cemetery, an ill kept, forgotten, battered, lonely cemetery. The painting reflected everything I was feeling, alone, battered by circumstances beyond my control. As I stood there taking the painting in, I began to weep, in the middle of the museum. When I was done with my crying jag, I was able to pull myself up and continue on, not feeling alone, as the painting let me know that there had been someone else in the world that had felt like I did right then. It didn’t matter that the person had lived over a century before me. I felt alive again and was able to complete my assignment.
That is what the museum does for me; it is a balm on my soul.

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  1. Completely ignoring the poingnant heart of your piece:
    But you when you said that you relate to old things, does that mean you are old?

  2. That was truly beautiful. I am a lover of any and all museums as well and I know that feeling you described personally. I would love to see that painting someday and I hope if I ever do get to come and see you that you will take me there so that I can share that with you. Philbrook is my favorite museum here in Tulsa and I highly recommend you check it out next time you are here. The grounds are beautiful in the spring and summer and of course I love the art. Myself being an artist, your story touched my heart. Love you girl!

  3. Ahahahaha I remeber going to one in oklahoma and you fell!! Lol if I even think of it I can’t help but laugh even though you were REALLY mad lol

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