I am currently reading a book about Abigail Adams, I love reading about strong women, and I love reading about our history. I remember when my children were learning about the Revolutionary War in school. I was horrified to learn that Thomas Paine was not mentioned at all. Not even as a side note. In my opinion he kept the masses interested in freedom. His pamphlets Common Sense were amazing. I think they should be mandatory reading. For those of you who are not familiar with Thomas Paine, Common Sense was published in 1776; it challenged the authority of the British government and the royal monarchy. The plain language that Paine used spoke to the common people of America and was the first work to openly ask for independence from Great Britain. It spoke to every person.
I grew up with a grandfather who talked about General Washington like he was our next door neighbor, it wasn’t until I went to school that I even knew that he had been our first president as well. I believe every person in this country should know our history. How can we effectively know where we are going if we do not know where we have been? We should know the good with the bad, the things we have done right as a country and the things that we have done horribly wrong. We should be aware when, we, as a country have tried to right those wrongs.
We all have a responsibility to teach our children about our past, don’t leave it up to the educators, they have a short amount of time to cram so much information into our children’s heads. I learned so much from my grandparents and my parents about the history of this country and our family’s role in it shaping it. There has been a member of my family in every war this country has ever fought in, from the first up to the current one. We have a deep history with this country, a vested interest in seeing it continue to be great. I hope I have instilled that within my own children.

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  1. History has always been interesting to me. Not just the history dating this far back but the history of my parents as well. I think the past is fascinating. You hear the stories all the time..they ususally start something like this…Back when I was a child…Or in my day.. Sometimes I wish I just had a time machine and could go back to different periods in history with all knowledge that I have now. There are some things in the past I’d like to change but probably wouldn’t. Our past does shape our futures, and gives us a sense of direction.
    Good Post Angie.

  2. @Marco I know what your saying there . In the current economy its tough to find a career that pays good enough to live on and is stable . I have discovered that if you just work hard and are consistent you can succeed. Look at the author of this article, they are clearly hard working and have just been consistent over time and are now enjoying at least what would appear as somewhat of a success. I would encourage everyone to just keep hustling and moving forward.

  3. I think that is an interesting point, it made me think a bit. Thanks for sparking my thinking cap. Sometimes I get so much in a rut that I just feel like a record.

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