Good news from Elizabeth

Yesterday I received the best present EVER! Elizabeth Anne told me she reads me! Woohoo! She said she reads me to make sure I am not saying anything bad about her. However I choose to believe that she reads me because she loves her mommy. She has the prettiest mommy. I said that in a total creepy Bette Davis voice.
I cooked and cooked and cooked yesterday. I made a ham, dressing, green bean casserole, deviled eggs and strawberry shortcake. We ate so much of the other stuff we never got to the strawberry shortcake! It was just me, Elizabeth and Freddy, I know they probably felt a lot of pressure to eat all of that! I sent them home with a ton of leftovers. I might make 15 bean soup Saturday with the rest of the ham. That is my favorite soup.
Today’s entry will not be as long as yesterdays, I think used up all of my words in that post, today I am tired!
Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Hey my friend. I miss you at work today. Boy, you really threw down in the kitchen. That all sounds very good. I really enjoyed my weekend, especially yesterday. Church was out of sight as usual. Today at work is really boring. Im so tempted to haul out of here in the next few minutes. But I’m going to tough it out. Cause I know I will be crying at the end of the year with no time available to take off. Its just me and Mr. Bill here today. Oh and Molly. Well I guess I will talk to you tomorrow. Or did you tell me you where off tomorrow? Later dudette. lol

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