does that make my dog crazy….

Jess you are 100% correct. Six hours of television a day is my calling. I don’t know why I even question myself. I seriously need to get a job with TV Guide. If anyone has any contacts please hook me up! I discovered a new show, huge surprise. This is a new sitcom, Romantically Challenged, Alyssa Milano’s new show. It was so good to see her back on television and in a comedy. The first show was cute, a little risqué, however they have programmed it at the right time 8:30 pm CST, when little children should be in bed and with the advent of the DVR parents can record and watch later. It is a perfect lead into Castle Monday nights. The first episode was funny and dead on about the dating world. When you first enter it after a divorce and your friends are all throwing advice at you, it is confusing and can lead to funny situations.
So my new vocation, professional television watcher, the thought is, well, heady to say the least. I could spend all day watching television and writing my opinion about it. I think I have died and gone to heaven!
Ok now for a little segment I like to call Does that Make My Dog Crazy:
My dog insists on fresh water in his bowl every time I walk in the kitchen, even if it has been less than 10 minutes from the last fresh water. Does that make my dog crazy?
And yes Jess, I am talking about Chewie.
Fiancée’s hair is growing back; he is now like fuzzy wuzzy the bear. The beard has grown back faster than the hair on his head. He is threatening to let it all grow for a solid year, for the next fund raising event. I don’t know about this, we may be house bound after 3 months of that. I’ll keep you updated.
Well tonight it is a new Bones and Vampire Diaries and finally The Office! Will be writing tomorrow, fair warning of a spoiler alert in advance!

3 Replies to “does that make my dog crazy….”

  1. I seem to remember Chewie doing that when he lived at my house. I also remember that if I ignored his requests long enough he eventually drank…
    And though hypothetical questions every day in a segment that asks if your dog is crazy sounds great… you know what the answer is going to be every day!
    As for the beard thing. Three words for you: Hockey. Playoff. Beard.
    You may run in fright now.

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