Deep Thoughts for a Sunday

Today I want to talk about politics. Well, no, no I don’t, what I want to talk about is the way this country has become divided down party lines. When do we get to go back to being Americans instead of Democrats or Republicans? That is the real question. I am not here to debate politics or party lines, in fact I doubt the majority of you can guess which political party I belong to or which way I vote in any given election. I will tell you this; I am registered as one party and rarely vote it. I know what you are wondering, why not switch parties then, well, the reason being is I don’t vote party, I vote conscious. I listen to all sides, make an informed decision and vote for what is best for my family. That is all one can do.
What I am so very tired of hearing is oooohh look at me, I’m a Democrat, I am so liberal, I believe that everyone is equal, then that person turns around and puts down Republicans. That is not liberal thinking. Then you have the Republicans, oohh look at me, I’m a Republican, I am so conservative, but we are all created equal, then they put down anyone who does not agree with them. Craziness!
Where did all of the really good political debaters go? I remember my dad and I used to have the best debates, not fights mind you, real debates, a meeting of the minds, and an exchanging of ideas without the other getting angry and throwing insults. That time is gone; the era is over for scholarly debates. I hate being screamed at. I will not debate with a person who feels the need to put me and my beliefs down due to the fact they can’t come up with anything intelligent to say, I will not debate with the person who has not read all information, and yes that includes reading the other persons information. You have to have a clear understanding of both sides in any election.
My big thing is if you don’t vote, don’t complain. You have no right to say how anything is ran if you yourself did not have a say in the end result.
And people stop putting others down just because they think differently than you. Try and understand where they are coming from, it doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, it just means that you respect their right to believe that way.

3 Replies to “Deep Thoughts for a Sunday”

  1. I completely agree with the “if you dont vote, don’t cpmplain” I dont care if you have the most profound comment that has ever been said, No vote, no comment…

    Very good posting today…

  2. While I wholeheartedly agree with The Tea Party’s right to protest, in fact, I totally support them protesting. Questioning our government is not only our right; it is our duty as Americans. What I disagree with are the people who show up with protest signs that are racist in nature. Protesting our government is nothing new, plenty of people took to the streets in protest of the Bush administration policies as well. An interesting note however is that 59% of the Tea Party participants are Republican and 89% are white. Perhaps a little diversity is in order? Get rid of the true hatemonger’s, and I admit there are a few, however, they are the ones getting the press coverage, and you will have a stronger reaction and possibly more participation from other groups.

  3. I love it! Another great post. I also agree that if you don’t even bother to vote why complain about the outcome. More people need to exercise that right that was fought for us to have.

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