Common Sense

Common sense, short to the point, self explanatory, one would think. Webster’s defines common sense this way: sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence.
Sound practical judgment. Sounds simple, should be simple, everyone should exhibit it, and however, not all people do exhibit common sense. Common sense tells us not to reveal incredibly personal information to perfect strangers. The internet has made it very easy for people to lose common sense. I firmly believe that people forget everything they say on the internet is accessible to anyone who cares to delve deep enough to find it.
I think sometimes people confuse common sense with common decency. Like the decent thing to do would be to call when you are going to be late, or when someone tells you something about someone else not telling everyone about that person. Common decency tells us to treat each other with respect. People seem to have lost that as well, people are more and more behaving in an uncivilized manner. I don’t know who to blame for this. Is it television the way some groups blame? Is it the internet as others are wont to cast stones at, or is it a break down of religious values?
Historically we see the break down of societies, the Roman Empire for example. There was a huge break down in societal niceties, ok, there was incest, pillaging, in a word Caligula, his name sums up a lot of brutality that led to the downfall of a great society. The French, the excesses of the monarchy are blamed for their downfall. One wonders if they were left with something better.
In today’s society I see where parents are allowing their children to run rampant, they are rude, and parents think it is cute. I am here to tell you it is not cute. Children have horrible table manners, they are rude to adults, and they are allowed to use inappropriate language. I see that in the mall. Parents just idly standing by.
Is this a lack of common sense or common decency? Is it the beginning of the end of a society as we know it? Will the desensitization of our youth result in a total breakdown of our world as we know it? Only time will tell.

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