Can’t Decide

I can’t decide what I want to do today. I really want to go see Clash of the Titans. I am a huge mythology fan and love bad movies about said mythologies. The first Clash of the Titans back in the ’80’s was so bad it was total greatness! So I really want to see this one, there is a 10:00 AM showing at a theater near me. I may just have to have my pot of coffee this morning get dressed and go!
As we all know I am a huge fan of facebook, I love catching up with people and keeping in touch with my friends, particularly the ones that do not live near me. This website is wonderful for that. I am also a huge fan of the time wasting activities on there, such as mafia wars and yoville. However, I limit myself to playing them in the early morning, while I am having my coffee. I can see sitting here for hours at a time playing them! It is way addictive and for someone like me with an addictive personality, well it is a challenge to limit my contact with said applications.
My shocking news on the wedding front is not the color of dress I will be wearing, I think people expect that from me. I really can’t say right now as we are beginning to work the part out that people will find a bit shocking.
Chewie is not happy with me, yesterday I was a cleaning fool and cleaned his bed, I took the cover off and washed it and aired the rest outside. Last night he took his usual 3 turns before lying down, and when he did lie down, wow, you would have thought his world ended. He sniffed, looked at me disdainfully, stood up and walked about 2 feet layed down and stared at the now offensive bed. I don’t think he slept on it all night. Maybe tonight will be better for him.
I think I have just about decided that it is a yes for the movie. I will let you know tomorrow what I decided for sure! Happy Saturday everyone!

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