an off day

Today is a strange day. First off, it is total curly hair day, Jess, do not stop reading, it is not hair care product day! It is raining and my hair will do nothing else but curl, so instead of fighting it, I have gone with it.
I am totally off of my game this morning, I woke up early, at 3:00 instead of 3:30, and I am congested and yet can’t quit blowing my nose, left sinus medication at home. Also instead of bringing my box of Kleenex back to the bedroom with me while I was getting dressed I left it on the bar and had to keep walking back and forth, then as I was getting ready to leave my bedroom for good, noticed the box of Kleenex on my night stand. Craziness!
It really started yesterday; I ran errands after work and totally forgot the most important errand of all, dog food. Thankfully they had enough for today. But I tell you what I better remember after work or else they are going to start looking at me like I am a turkey at thanksgiving!
Thankfully I did not forget the coffee this morning, and it is Starbucks day, so woohoo! I am not going to review the television shows from last night as I know Michelle has not watched them all, nor has Elizabeth. So, tomorrow will be television review day.
Ok, now for the Does This Make My Dog Crazy segment; Whenever Fiancée comes over, Nocona has to get in his face and sneeze, every time. Does this make my dog crazy?
Have a Good Friday everyone!

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