a perfect morning

This morning was amazing, a full moon, and a bit on the chilly side and The Backstreet Boys on the radio! Life could not be more perfect. Having nothing to add to that I will go straight to the segment of the day: Does that make me or my dog crazy? You decide.
It was a bright sunny, summer afternoon, a typical North Texas day. I decide that my hair color needs a little sprucing, so, not wanting to get hair color on my shirt, I take that off and put on my ratty, fuzzy, purple robe. I put the hair dye on; I am waiting for the timer to ding. It is at this point Chewie decides he needs out. Well unbeknownst to me, the fence had fallen a little behind a tree. Chewie and I spot it at the same time we both start toward it at the same time, he is quicker than I. Now before you start to think well just call him back, he is a runner. He would be in Oklahoma before I could yell out his name. Of course knowing this, and knowing I have no time to waste, I run out to the garage, in my old, worn, fuzzy purple robe; hair full of dye and clumped on top of my head and jump in the car. There is no way I can catch him on foot. Now, mind you it is roughly 6:00 p.m. on a weekday, so everyone is just getting home from work and outside checking their mail, walking their dogs or just visiting with other neighbors. I drive around the block several times like a mad woman trying to spot the Wookie. I finally see him, drive up, hop out of the car, speak to my neighbors walking their dog, tried to convince them I had not lost my mind. Ushered a very happy dog into the car, proceeded to scold him the 20 feet back to the house, it did not good, he ignored me. Arrived in the house in time to hear the timer go off letting me know to wash the hair dye out of my hair. I don’t know if I ended up on YouTube or not, I hope not. But does that make my dog crazy or me?

2 Replies to “a perfect morning”

  1. LOL!
    I can just see the look on each of your face when you both realized the way was free!
    And then Chewie says, “BYE!”

  2. LOL. That is too funny. Sounds like a commercial, you and Chewie realizing at the same time that he could get out. I don’t think it makes either of you crazy. But it did make for a funny story.

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