Today is a good day

Well today is the day, Mary Kay Career Conference. About to shower, get all pretty, deliver a Mary Kay basket, then off to Downtown Dallas! WoooHooo! Will let everyone know what I learned on Sunday.
Tomorrow is the big day for my fiancée, he has been hard at work raising money for St. Baldrick’s, it is a group that raises money for research to curing cancers that effect children. Here is the link for more information, He is going to have his head and face shaved, he will be totally bald. Now while I applaud his efforts and his heart, the timing just bites. This is about 3 weeks before he meets some of my high school friends at the mini reunion. So they will meet a stubble headed Irishman. And I will be proud to introduce him.
Well this is a short entry as I must begin my looking pretty preparations.
Have a good Friday all!!
Oh and everyone congratulate Jess on his epic trouncing of me in Scrabble.

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  1. Good Morning Angie

    Ughh today at work was ok but you know who got on my nerves. I may need you next week Union related. Also I was almost tardy but I made that.

    Jess beat you in Scabble! You know I really like that game. We played in class last week. It was pretty cool. I hadn’t played scrabble in years. I may even go by a board now.

    You know last night I was sitting around watching TV and wondering, why haven’t I heard from my friend (GUY). Then as I was flipping channels I say a basketball game. Should have known. But just wait until he does call. lol

    Well just though I’d vent a little. Miss you at work. TTYL. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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