The Day After

‘70’s day has come and gone, the heavy eyeshadow has been washed off; the clothes put away, the hairspray washed out of the hair, the attitude, well that is still here. What is a ‘70’s attitude you might wonder, well, for me, it is the total belief I can do anything, be anything, and I am the cutest of the cute! Never outgrew that.
I fell asleep last night at 7:00 p.m. and did not wake up until 3:30 a.m. this morning. And when I say did not wake up, I mean I slept sound and solid for over 8 hours. I must have needed it. I have been exhausted lately and could not shake it, I woke up full of vim and vigor, even before the caffeine.
Today on my way to work, Pink Floyd’s The Wall came on the radio; I love that song, when I was a junior in high school I wrote a 5 page essay on that song. I got an A. of course. It was Mrs. Farrimond’s class, I loved that class. I remember at the beginning of the year, she gave us our English Literature books; well I took mine home and read it that night. Yes, the whole book. Tammi wasn’t at my house that night so I was allowed to read (she forbade me from reading in her presence). Later, Mrs. Farrimond told us to read a story in the book and answer the questions at the end of the story. Well, since I had already read the story, I just flipped to the questions at the end of the story and began doing the homework. Before I can get to the second question she is at my desk asking me what I am doing. I told her I was doing the assignment, answering the questions. She said you are supposed to read the story first. So I informed her in my snottiest voice (and believe me, I can get a snotty tone, it’s a gift) that I have already read the entire book. She then takes me to her desk and starts flipping to random stories in the book and asking me questions, which I answer perfectly. I believe she had newfound respect for me after that. She invited me to be her aide when I was a senior.
I am pondering a topic that my friend Kimmy suggested yesterday, I am thinking it may be tomorrow’s topic, today I am random, or retro, can’t decide. If retro, I blame my car radio. If random, I blame the amazing sleep I got last night!

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  1. And she ain’t kidding about any of that. She never lost the attitude, I think she was born with it.And she has a MAJOR talent for the snotty tone. NO ONE does it better than her.

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