It’s Friday people, time to wake up and say wooohooo, get this party started, drink some coffee, do the dance of joy and figure out what you are going to get at Starbucks!
I have decided to forgive Starbucks for abandoning me on the day I needed them most. I will be going back today; I will be getting my coffee treat. Oh, before I forget, go online at and get the coupon for a free pastry treat on March 23. Great offer, you have to buy a coffee treat to get the pastry treat, but still a great deal.
Ok, advertising for Starbucks done! This weekend I am so busy, first I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow, for my good friend Geneva. I am so excited for her; she is having a boy, so tons of blue things to be bought. Then back to work on Sunday, this time at 5 AM, I traded schedules with a woman here at work. She is going to work my Friday next week. So the next weekend you will have to have super perky Angie on Thursday instead of Friday! I know you are all excited about that.
My fiancée is shaving his head for charity; here is the link to read all about it, Here at work the morale committee is having a raffle, I have donated a Mary Kay gift basket so they can raise more money for him, yes I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. This is nothing new I have been one since 2001. I love it, it is so much fun and I am surrounded by all of the skin care products I could ever want! And yes I have a website,, so you can visit both if you want!
The reason I traded days with my friend here at work is due to a Mary Kay function the following weekend. It was very gracious of her to trade with me. This weekend I have to do something I don’t like very much, grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping, is there anyone else out there that hates it as much as I do?
Anyone want to make a Starbucks run for me right now????

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