It is very quiet here today. It is finally lunch time and yes I went for Starbucks. And yes, I know it is not Friday. However, in my defense, I did get non-fat and no whip. Still yummy.
I want to ask the world at large this question: If you create you password, and I spell your password for you, letter by letter, do you still mistype it, then blame the equipment because you cannot type your own password, that you, yourself created? Just curious.
I am the only one here on my side of the building right now, I don’t know if more will come later, but I am enjoying the peacefulness. The unexpected, lovely present of snow has filled me with a serenity that only comes with each snowfall we have. There has been more than usual this year. I think God is telling me something. That He does think of me and I am one of His favorites….. Anyone who doesn’t like the snow should totally take it up with Him, write back and let me know what the response was. The only bad thing about this weather are the people who do not know how to drive in it. Please, please, please do not ride my bumper, that is just, well, for lack of a better word, stupid. And if you are in front of me, don’t hit your brakes. Other than that, drive on!

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