Shopping With Elizabeth

Yesterday was shopping with Elizabeth day. It was a funfilled day, we had plans to go to the regular mall then the outlet mall. We found everything we were looking for at that regular mall, however decided to make a trip to the outlet mall just for the heck of it. On our way to the outlet mall, Jeffrey sent me a text, asking if I wanted to come watch the baby while he did some yard work.  So, plans changed, off we went. Now, Elizabeth is a total outdoor girl. So while I got to play with Tessa, she got to help her brother with the yard work. Perfect for both of us! Before going to Jeffrey’s there was the obligitory stop at Taco Bueno. Whenever Elizabeth and i are together, it is a Taco Bueno day!

So, I got to play Barbies, and cars, and puzzles and take all of the money out of the piggy bank and put it back in with Tessa. So much fun!

After that we ran by New Flower to get Elizabeth some of the just chicken salad that she loves so much. That was for her to take home with her. We also found these beautiful purple flowering shamrocks. I bought that for her as well. She is turning into quite the plant person.

After that it was a quiet home with my thoughts, I think we can all agree sometimes that is a scary place to visit. I am not having good thoughts people, I am very conflicted about several things at the moment and chaos reigns.

I think another shopping trip is in order for today, this time with just me. Maybe the outlet mall, Target and wherever else I want to go. Or maybe a movie! I’ll let you know tomorrow what I decided!

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