New Day

Today is not a Starbucks day. I am finally down from the total high of the Dark Cherry Mocha. I am trying a new coffee here at home, it is a dark french roast from Wolfgang Puck. It is pretty good, very full bodied and robust. I know you are all wondering how I take my coffee at home, well I use extra heavy whipping cream and if I am feeling decadent I will add a splash of flavored coffee creamer. It makes the coffee amazingly rich and good! I suggest everyone that takes cream in their coffee try it.
On the agenda for today is shopping with Elizabeth, we have not spent the day together in a long time. I am way excited. Yesterday afternoon was spent with Jeffrey. I love spending time with my adult children. They have turned out so well, I like to think I had a little to do with it, however, I firmly believe we are born being who we are going to be. And they are amazing. I believe in genetics over environment.
Well I know I will have more tomorrow as I will have the adventurous shopping trip to talk about then! I hope everyone has a great day, it is sunny and beautiful here in Texas! Oh and everyone download Christian Kane’s new album, I so do not like country, but his music is a combination of country, soul, and a little rock and roll! I love, love, love it!

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