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Watched Castle before coming to work today; all I can say is wow. Nathan Fillion just rocks, I have loved him from his One Life to Live days. I have one complaint though, I am happy with the shout outs to One Life to Live and Serenity and Firefly, but how bout some Buffy love? I mean I am happy to see Buffy Alumni’s on the show, Marc Blucas and Leonard Roberts. I love these two actors and loved them on Buffy, but can we get some of the actors you actually interacted with on the show? Sarah Michelle Gellar needs work, Eliza Dushku just lost her series, I am guessing she could use some cash, how bout Nicholas Brendon and OMG James Marsters! And just one reference would be great, I did love the Vampire episode and caught the Buffy reference but just a couple more would go so far in satisfying my need to hear you give some love to Joss Whedon. Oh, brilliant idea, Neil Patrick Harris, as a villain! Perfection!
In other news, Ricky Martin came out of the closet, who is actually shocked by this news? Publicity stunt? He is writing his memoirs. I don’t know I just know I do not find this a shocking revelation. But good for him for living in the open; nothing can be worse than living a lie.
I am too open a person to have to ever keep a secret of that magnitude about myself. The only thing I do not willingly tell is my age. Mary Kay said that a woman who will tell you her age will tell you everything. It all started when I was 16. I stopped telling my age at 16, I have relative who are not quite sure of my age. This year I actually forgot how old I am, until my oldest son told me my age. I found it shocking, I said are you sure, he said yes mom, and he stated the year I was born in and did the math. I had totally blocked out my age. I still cannot believe he reminded me.
So I wrote an email to Starbucks Corporate office, I will keep you updated on any responses I receive. I am still stunned, and not in a good way, at the treatment I received there on Saturday. I have looked on the website and it states that they open at 5:00 AM, so on Friday I will be testing that. I need my coffee treat on Fridays, and yes, I know I sound like an addict.

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  1. You lost me right after “Nathan Fillion”! LOL. I just get a little hazy when he is in my head! He is amazing and funny. I know faces and not so much names on the actors list. I do however understand completely about the Starbucks abuse you took, good luck with that and hopefully they will make it up to you. I enjoy your stories and thoughts, keep em coming. 🙂

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