Monday stuff

Is it cliché that I live in Texas and may be getting married at South Fork Ranch? I could change the theme and I could be Sue Ellen Ewing and start drinking at 10 in the morning. Now how much fun would that be! Even if I decide to get married there, I mean we, we decide to get married there, I will be sticking with the disco theme. Think Studio 54 without the hedonism. However, and I cannot stress this enough, it is not a costume party. It is a wedding reception. Please keep your polyester at home.
Girl Scout cookies made their way to my house Saturday. Does anyone else think those things are just insidiously evil? Thin Mints, I have a total love/hate relationship with them. Confession time, I ate so many Thin Mints yesterday it would make your head spin. Today my stomach hurts! I am like a 5 year old with no control! I am drinking hot tea this morning, after my coffee of course, to try and get my system back in balance. I will not be doing that again, I will just say no to the cookies. I will never ever say here that I want a cookie. Someone seriously take me to task if I do. Last nights episode of Desperate Housewives was all about seduction. The seduction of a different life, the seduction of the obvious kind, the seduction of someone swooping in and helping you with your work day. The Thin Mints seduced me, I was weak. What in your life seduces you into doing something you would not normally do?
So hot tea for me today, cottage cheese, yogurt and possibly soup for dinner! That is all for me today, no more cookies!

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