Monday, Monday

I know I haven’t written all weekend, but it was just so jam packed that I did not have time! Let’s start with Friday afternoon and evening, it was filled with Mary Kay Career Conference. So much fun, finding out all of the new products coming out and just being with so many positive women. Not a cross word was heard anywhere! Not in line for the restrooms, or for coffee, or for meals. Saturday morning was more of the same. Being in that type of environment really recharges me and enables me to deal with the negativity of my j.o.b.
Saturday afternoon was spent supporting John in his endeavor to raise money for St. Balderick’s, and him having his hair and beard shaved in the process. I could not ask for a more caring fiancée. He raised almost $1200.00 dollars for the charity. His beard alone brought in $200.00. It was a great cause and a fun event. I met more of his friends, who were just delightful, warm, friendly and fun. I can see why he calls these people friends. I can only hope I made as positive impression on them as they did on me.
After all of the excitement of the day, John and I were completely knackered! So Sunday was spent very low key, a trip to two Apple stores to find an item he wanted for his Iphone, lunch at one of our favorite places, a trip to Starbucks and walking around Barnes and Noble, drinking our coffee treats and looking at all the books. I know it sounds boring, but it is one of our favorite things to do. Then a nap. LOL, I told you, very low key!
Well that was my weekend in a nutshell. I am still completely exhausted, could not sleep last night and had to wake up at 3:30 this morning.
Maybe tomorrow I will be more exciting!

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