Help needed!

So yesterday I totally cheated on Starbucks Friday. It was not my fault however; it was the fault of my fiancée. He came over and said, first things first, Starbucks. What could I do? It called to me as soon as I walked in the door, Dark Cherry Mocha, extra hot. Total greatness.
I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do with my life. Should I go back to school and finish that journalism degree? I loved going to school, everything about it, well except for the math classes. Not crazy about that part of school. I love ferreting out the truth and telling everyone what I found, I am not talking gossip, I am talking news stories. Of course I like telling everyone what I think as well.
I am a Mary Kay Skin Care Consultant as well, and I love that. I love helping women feel good about themselves, there is something about helping a woman take care of her outside so she feels good on the inside. I love it. I love working with positive women, I love working with a company that has the best interest of its sales force in the forefront of their mind. God, Family, Career, that is the Mary Kay motto and it appeals to me.
However I know I want to do something else as well, I don’t know, does anyone have any ideas what I should do? Can you gather any hidden talents in my completely random words here? If so, please, please enlighten me!

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  1. Good Morning POT, (inside joke)

    Good post. I think you should go for it with the journalism degree. Its always better to do what you like rather than just what pays the bills. You get a better reward from it. I will be graduating in May with my Associates degree in Paralegal studies. Its been a long 2 yrs but its been worth it. I love the law and always wanted to be a lawyer. This degree is a stepping stone. Then I will go on to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing or Admin. Haven’t decided on the 2 yet. Anyway. I am still waiting for my Ford to be fixed. Hopefully that will be today. And waiting to hear if my Malibu is totally or not. I kinda hope not. But if it is I wont be too mad. I mean sure Ive spent 2 yrs paying on it and now that money is gone. But I do still have my FORD (PAID OFF) as a backup. Just gotta get everything fixed on it. Gonna feel nice not having a car note for a while. Haven’t been in that position in almost 10 yrs. Well Its Monday. Im not that crazy about Monday’s but I’m gonna try and make the best of it. Later Gater. 🙂

  2. – 1) I would think being Empress of the Universe would be a full time job. No time for the other little things we mere mortals do.
    – 2) With the decline of Print Media and the rise of digital media, a journalism degree for actual news reporting might be a bit of a challenge to make a living out of. Perhaps look more into blogging and get deeper into that? It seems to be the direction journalism is heading.
    – 3) Work for Starbucks. Duh. I can only imagine a Starbucks store where you have taken over and are running the place. It would be a match made in heaven for everyone.

  3. Jess being Empress of the Universe is a full time job! I am exhausted!
    HMMMMM work for Starbucks? Isn’t that a step backwards as I believe they now work for me?

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