Happy Sunday!

The strangest thing happened to me yesterday. I went shopping and found nothing that appealed to me. I think I may be coming down with something. I am going to try it again today and see if it was a 24 hour non-shopping bug. However, in my defense, I did not stop by the shoe department. Perhaps I was just not looking in the right place. Interesting thought, I shall go back today and look in all departments.
Tonight is the Oscars; I am very excited about that. I love award shows, from the MTV Video awards to the Emmy’s. The only one I don’t watch is the Daytime Emmys; I think I don’t watch that one because I only watch one daytime show. Well two daytime shows if you count The View, I watch All My Children and The View. I have watched AMC since I was 13 years old. I see no reason to give it up now.
I mainly watch the award shows for the fashion, I love seeing all of the hits and misses, and I don’t care how much Monique’s husband likes it, she needs to shave her legs. I’m sorry but that is just disgusting, and yes I know in some cultures women don’t do that and consider us that do barbaric, however Monique is from the culture that does that. So, Monique, grab a razor, Veet, or wax before tonight’s show, or wear a dress that covers that mess.
It is just about sandal season here in Texas, so now I must be off of here to go perform a much needed pedicure before people start talking about me!
In the words of my friend Jess, see ya!

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