I was listening to the radio and they were discussing when the big rage was to write “grateful” journals. It was huge due to Oprah creating the rage. So I decided I would let everyone know what I am grateful for.
I am grateful that when I am having a bad day I can simply picture Dean Cain in Superman tights and I am suddenly grateful again. I am grateful that Christian Kane is on television. I missed him when Angel went off the air. I am grateful for Starbucks and the wonderful way their coffee treats make me feel when I am having a rough day. I am grateful for my two, four-legged friends who give me a warm welcome home after a long day at work.
I am grateful for Jess and the way he placates me. I know he is placating me due to his obviousness about it; however, I am grateful for the effort. I am grateful for 4 inch heels and the way no one knows my true height due to me wearing them every day. I am grateful for the makers of hair products. All of them. I am grateful for blueberry tea; it is like a treat when I am dieting. I am grateful to Hagen-Daaz, for obvious reasons. I am grateful for boot season. I am grateful for Kidd Kraddick in the morning, love your show. I am grateful for snow. I am grateful for sour skittles, Godiva Chocolate and Hershey kisses with almonds.
What are all of you grateful for?

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