Happy Happy Friday one and all! Today is Friday, and it is Starbucks day! I will be visiting Starbucks on my lunch, which is 9:30 A.M., since I begin work at 5:30 A.M. that makes sense. I am very excited about the Starbucks treat as I have had a rough couple of days. But I shall not let that ruin Starbucks day! I don’t know what to order today. I have been getting different drinks; I used to just stick with my Venti, no whip, extra hot, extra pump, café mocha. But I have been venturing out, I have now tried the cinnamon latte, the skinny caramel macchiato, and of course the peppermint mocha. What do I want today? So far I have not been let down by any of the choices I have made. Any thoughts? Do I get something familiar or venture out?
I don’t have huge plans for the weekend. I really need to do laundry and organize my bedroom. I really hate organizing anything, but I cannot stand it any longer. It has to be done and I can’t convince the dogs to do it. When I spoke to Chewie about it, I think he actually laughed at me. And Nacona, well she just started running around the whole apartment. So no help there! Since it is supposed to be nice here this weekend, I am thinking a walk with the pups is in order. Get them out; walk them to where they are exhausted! Payback for not organizing my bedroom for me!

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