I am obsessed with my new coffee maker. It is a GE and I don’t even know all of the things it does yet. I do know it makes the best coffee ever! It has a coffee filter already there, no more paper filters, so that means I am going green with the coffee making! And it has so many buttons that I haven’t even taken the time to figure them out. I did figure out how to set the time on the clock, so yay me. I found it at Wal-Mart for $39.99, which I think is a pretty good deal on a really good coffee maker.
I have had almost a whole pot of coffee so far today, I think we all know what that means, watch out world at large!
I have already accomplished a lot this morning, cleaned kitchen, ran dishwasher, 3 loads of laundry, took trash out, coffee really is amazing.
I have been listening to Christian Kane a lot lately; I hope he puts out more songs soon. If his album were vinyl I would have already worn it out. I particularly love American Made and House Rules, those two are my favorites. I play them in the car and sing them at the top of my lungs; I know you are all surprised. I try not to do this with others in the car; it is just embarrassing how bad my singing voice really is. I have a great speaking voice; I don’t know what happened to the singing part of it. I guess you only get one gift at a time.
I have been thinking about the topic that my friend Kim suggested the other day. I am not quite ready to tackle that one, but soon. It is a topic that is timely and also relevant, as almost everyone works in an office or belongs to a social group where things like this tend to happen. I have to gather my thoughts on this particular topic as it is bothersome to me and I tend to rant about it and I want my thoughts to be cohesive. Soon Kimmy, soon. I promise.
Tomorrow is Career Conference for Mary Kay; I am very excited about it. We always learn about the new products coming out and we also get a preview with the new products in our “swag”. So I am sure I will be writing all about that on Sunday! Stay tuned! Oh and if you want to check out my MK website it is

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