Cain vs Kane

So as we all know, or you should all know, I am insanely crazy about Dean Cain. Since 1993 I have been crazy about Dean Cain. I will always believe he is the prettiest man on the face of the planet. But now, there is a new Kane in town. Christian Kane. OMG, he totally rocks. He sings, he acts, he fights! He is from Oklahoma! How much more perfect can one man be? What is the problem you ask, well, in my prenup it is agreed I get to keep Dean Cain, but now I want to add Christian Kane. Fiancee says no, I can only have one Cain/Kane. How can he ask me to choose? They are both so different it is too hard. I think I should have both of them in my prenup. I mean honestly do you think that is selfish?

3 Replies to “Cain vs Kane”

  1. I am still having issues trying to figure out why this is even a debate. Has Dean gotten uglier? Has Kane suddenly done something which vaults him over your long long long time crush?

    I mean, if this was Scott Baio we were trying to supplant, that is one thing. But this is Superman.

    ALL Superman.

  2. Well the debate is over. Dean still would look good in superman tights. Am keeping him. Will sneak Christian in somehow.

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