Better Day

This morning was much better than yesterday morning, new coffeemaker, coffee was had, life is good.
Yesterday after work I went and had my hair done, by someone new, Rhonda Martinez, and she totally rocked! Everyone in the DFW area needs to make an appointment with her and have her do your hair! is her website. I am back in love with my hair!
I am still not happy with Starbucks not being open when I come to work; however, I am sure I will forgive them tomorrow when I am in need of my Friday fix. I don’t know if I will go for the Dark Cherry Mocha drink or try something new. I have had the Dark Cherry twice now and it is roll your eyes in the back of your head good. I hope everyone tries it, I don’t know if it is seasonal or one of the regulars, so hurry and get one!
Today is our team meeting at work, I have been put in charge of a team building exercise, I have come up with one that I hope everyone likes and thinks is fun. I won’t put it here yet, as some of my co-workers read this and I want it to be a surprise. So tomorrow you will know what it was and if it was a hit or miss.
I am now in the process of deciding what color I want my hair, do I want to keep it the dark brown it is or put highlights in it. That is the question of the day. I like the dark brown, it is my natural color, and I had it red for many years. So many that I in fact forgot what my natural color was. I had to grow out the roots and have a colorist match it. I don’t know why I was ever unhappy with it. My color suits my skin tone. I think I so desperately wanted red because of Jamie Finnell, Jamie was a girl I went to school with, she was a year older and had the most beautiful red hair I had ever seen, and have not since high school. But I have been trying to achieve Jamie Finnell red since. I never did achieve that color so I quit trying and went back to being me. It only took, well; many years for me to figure out I looked best as myself. However if someone told me they could get me that color, I would jump on it!

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