Bad Bad Day

Today is not a good day. My coffeemaker broke this morning. This is a tragedy! I am just now getting my coffee. I should have had it two hours ago! I am clumsy, foggy, and barely able to form words. I also think the world is collapsing around me. Cannot be perky this morning, am grumpy, so grumpy that if it were Christmas I would be saying Bah Humbug! I don’t know who I am without the perkiness. Jess did you send mental messages to Chewie to break my coffeemaker?
I stopped at 7-Eleven to get coffee, I know what you are thinking, why not Starbucks. Well, let me tell you something, Starbucks has abandoned me in the pre-dawn hours. They are not open when I go to work. I don’t understand. Where are you when I really need you corporate coffee giant? Asleep, that is where you are. I am saddened by your lack of compassion for me at my moment in real need, I am there for you, always willing to part with my hard earned money, telling everyone about your new products, steering them toward your caffeine goodness. I don’t understand why you are not there for me?
Now the 7-Eleven coffee is taking effect and I am beginning to feel better. I will have to purchase a new coffeemaker today, after I get my hair done. I am going right after work to get my hair done. You might wonder why this is mention worthy, well, the person who used to do my hair retired. Yes, retired. So I have been searching for someone to take her place. I think I may have found her, my friend Carol, her sister is a hair stylist and Carol’s hair always looks amazing, so I have made an appointment with Ronda. I will let everyone know how it goes. Ha, you all already knew that!
I have a wedding update; however, I am going to save that for a later date. I hope everyone gets their caffeine fix today.

4 Replies to “Bad Bad Day”

  1. It was all part of my evil plan for the Irishman to Save You on St. Patrick’s Day. Trust me, there is lots to this entire plot, more will be seen soon.
    And while Chewie’s Namesake might be a mechanical whiz, getting him to rewire that coffee machine was a challenge, let me tell you!

  2. Awe girl, hang in there! Hey speaking of Starbucks…I took your advise and tried the Dark Chocolate Cherry thingy —–YUMMMMMM!!!

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