Am I too old for this?

Today on the radio they had a segment “Am I too old for this?” of course that makes me start thinking about the things in my life.
Am I too old to pull off my valley girl persona? I know what you are thinking, how long has this been going on. I was speaking in the valley girl vernacular before the movie Valley Girl came out. I remember when it came out, that Sunday, two boys walked into Sunday School class and looked at me and said we saw a movie about you last night. To which I responded, “Whatever”, to peals of laughter. So at my age am I too old to speak that way anymore?
Am I too old for fitted jeans? I have worn fitted jeans all of my life. I love them; I do not like baggy clothing. I think it makes me look fat, however, being the age I am, should I start dressing more conservatively? With looser jeans?
Am I too old for 4 inch heels? I wear them almost every day. I love them, I love designer shoes, I love chunky heels, stiletto heels, platform heels, all heels. I am only 5’4” so the higher the better. I don’t know if I can wear flats. I have never worn them, since I was 12 years old. At my age should I be concerned about falling?
Am I too old for pop music? I love Brittney Spears, there I said it, I love pop music, I listen to the local station that plays the top 40. Should I give it up and listen to all oldies? Now granted I am very eclectic in my music tastes, I love everything from Vivaldi to Brittney, with the exception of country and hard rap and heavy metal.
Am I too old for my love of Halloween and dressing up in costumes? I love, love, love Halloween and dressing up. Should I give that up at my age and just settle for wearing a witch hat?

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