1970’s Day

Today is ‘70’s day at work, everyone is supposed to dress up in styles from the 1970’s. This is soooooooo right up my alley. So here I sit, looking disco ready. I found my mood necklace, yes mood necklace, not mood ring. I might be retro; however, I am retro with style. My only wish is that I had some Bonnie Bell Strawberry lipsmacker lip gloss. Now that would have been perfection!
As it is, I look pretty perfect right now, am wearing my ‘70’s jeans from Victoria’s Secret, platforms by Marciano, and the cutest top I found at Macy’s. I am so stylin’!
Pictures to follow. Dressing this way totally has me channeling 16 year old Angie, whose main goal in life was to runaway from Owasso and travel to New York and dance the night away at Studio 54. Ok, if I am honest I would still totally do that. I would dance away in my bedroom to all of the disco hits of the day, More, More, More, Fly Robin Fly and of course anything Earth, Wind and Fire put out. What was your favorite thing to do at 16? Remember this is a family friendly site, so please only post things you would not be embarrassed for your children to know.
I am all alone on my side of the building right now, wondering if anyone else will show up in ‘70’s gear. I hope so, otherwise, I will be the only one. Oh, I would get all of the attention; I do believe I am ok with that.
I think back to when I was 16 that was a memorable year, I got my first marriage proposal, as all good southern girls do, I didn’t marry him, omg the thought. I got my driver’s license, which meant freedom, my first job, my first date, as I was not allowed to date until then, and no, it was not the boy who proposed. It was the year of feathered hair, aquanet hairspray, super tight jeans and roller disco. And strawberry lip gloss, to this day when I smell the strawberry lip gloss by Bonnie Bell, I am instantly transported back there. To Owasso, to the Skateranch, to fall football games and innocence.
Today will be a total time travel day for me! I hope it is for you as well.

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  1. Hey Angie

    Sorry hadn’t read the site in a few days. Of course I haven’t been at work either. Forgot about 70’s day. I would have dressed for it too. I like 70’s attire.

    I have a topic for you. I hate when something happens to me and I tell one co worker and another co worker comes and asks me about it. I really can’t stand that. I mean, especially if its my private business. The nosey co worker could exercise a little tact and keep getting their information from the coworker who told my business. Someone is gonna get checked today. I can feel it. Anyway…just wanted to let off that steam.

  2. Your memory is quite impressive! I can barely
    remember what was going on back then!

    Then again, not much has changed for you since then! 🙂

  3. I would like to express my appreciation for your post. That’s really great to know that there are such people like you who do their job very well and with such enthusiasm.

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