What Makes Us Crazy?

I listen to a radio show every day here in the DFW area, The Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Show; they have a segment on there called Does That Make Me Crazy.
People call in and state things that might seem crazy to other people. It made me think. What things do I do in my life that might make others consider me crazy?
I have an obsession with superheroes. Does that make me crazy?
I have a thing for boots, the first day of September I begin wearing them, even though it is still 100 degrees here in Texas. Does that make me crazy?
I can’t stop playing word games on my Iphone; I have 3 downloaded at this point. Does that make me crazy?
I am completely fascinated by the show The Girls Next Door, the original ones with Holly, Bridgette and Kendra. Does that make me crazy?
I talk to my pets like they are real people and have an opinion about what I am telling them. Does that make me crazy?
I can’t touch hair that is not on my head, I consider it dead hair. Does that make me crazy?
I still believe without a doubt in my heart Dean Cain is the prettiest man alive. Does that make me crazy?
I don’t want to overwhelm you with the rest of my crazy behavior; this is just the small tip of the iceberg of my craziness. What do you do that others would see as crazy?

5 Replies to “What Makes Us Crazy?”

  1. While some of the things you mention do not necessarily make you crazy, there is no doubt you are the sanest crazy person I have ever met.

  2. There is only one thing on your list that I think you are crazy for.. the touching the hair on your head thing. HUH Don’t you touch it to comb or brush it? I TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY agree that Dean Cain is the most gorgeous white man (lol) I’ve ever seen.

  3. NO your not crazy!  However, the fact you still sing “Bay City Roller’s” songs in the shower does make me a little nervous! Just kidding!  
    I can’t stand anything pointing at me ie: pencils, straws, silverware or pretty much anything that looks like it is directly pointed at me, and I will move it whether it is mine or not, does that make me crazy? 🙂

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