Confession time. I am a huge fan of vampires. I always have been. I believe it started when I was a little girl watching the old Bella Logosi movies. He was completely brilliant. I have been hooked since then.
The thing is, I don’t want to be a vampire, I mean I am not that weird. However being a vampire slayer, well that job is still on the table. I had no idea such a thing existed before Joss Whedon brought it to the forefront of society. Imagine, being that powerful that you can defeat not only vampires, but demons, witches and yes even a god.
We not only got to see Buffy kicking major ass, but we got to see Kendra and Faith pitching in as well. Then at the end of the series seeing all the potential slayers get their powers, well let’s just say I was waiting for mine to kick in as well!
While meeting a vampire would totally be a dream come true, I would only want to meet the ones with souls i.e Angel and Spike. I know two vampires with souls is a bit much, but Angel was cursed and Spike, well Spike just asked for it.
No one does vampire/human relations like Joss. The Vampire Diaries are total greatness and while showing true teen angst it just does not come close to Buffy. The True Blood series is amazingly well done, love it. Love how it shows the sire/turned relationship between the vamps. There is a bond there that just cannot be broken. The Twighlight series while enjoyable is just a lightweight compared to Joss. Where are the slayers? At least in The Vampire Diaries and True Blood people are trying to kill the vamps. Makes for great drama. As for me I will quite possibly go into training to become the next slayer, please do not tell me I am too old… I don’t believe in age….

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  1. The thought of an empowered Angie playing Den Mother to a horde of teenaged Slayers.

    I am running and hiding now!

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