I woke with a massive headache. I am on my second giant cup of coffee right now to try and remedy it. Wish me luck!
I have come up with one idea for the wedding reception, I know what you are thinking, oh no, but wait, it’s not a crazy one!

I was reading a bridal magazine and they had this idea and I am going to copy it. A kids room. You set up a separate room for the kids, you have paper table clothes and tons of crayons, kid friendly food, a goody table, hire a couple of babysitters to watch them. This way the kids can have fun and not be bored at the adult function. I was telling a man I work with about it and he suggested bringing in a couple of tv’s for games for the older kids. A brilliant idea, as John has a son that will be about 14 at the time of the wedding.
Of course the children will be free to come in where their parents are, we will not be strict about that, when I read that idea I thought how much fun for the kids!
If anyone has any other ideas I am almost open to suggestion. I am still going with the disco theme, I love it, it is my thing, I am known for my great love of that era, and it will be fun. I promise.
I told John about the kid friendly party within the reception and he loved the idea. I really do want this to be a fun event for adults and children alike. I am not a big fan of adult only weddings. Especially considering John and I both have children, yes his are way younger than mine, but I also have grandchildren. I would never want them excluded.
Oh and here is the best news, if we have the wedding at South Fork I can have a horse drawn carriage!!

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