Things I have decided to give up this year

I know it is a little late for New Year’s Resolutions, however, it has taken me a while to come up with things I really want to cut out of my life, so here goes:
Gossip, no good can come of it, there is too much of it in the place I work and I refuse to be a participant.
Cuss words. They are crass and if I can’t think of a better descriptive word than the vulgar ones, I have no business speaking.
Speeding. It is dangerous not only to myself but others.
Texting and driving. If you do not hear from me in a timely manner it means I am driving and will text you when I come to a stop.
I will treat myself to candy once a week, not every day. Very bad habit I had gotten into.
Well that is all I can think of. If you can think of anything I should consider giving up, tell me. I am open to suggestions.

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