Things I don’t understand, don’t pretend to understand and will never understand

Today’s entry is courtesy of my BFF Tammi. She suggested the topic.
I don’t understand Fantasy Nascar, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, well any of it really. What is the point? Perhaps instead of pretending to play you could actually go outside and play the game for real. Remember when we were kids and everyone was outside playing these games? So much more fun than pretending to play.
I don’t understand video games. I mean I get the concept; I even enjoy the older ones, frogger, pacman, space invaders, asteroid and centipede, but the Call of Duty and whatever the rest of them are called. I don’t get, I don’t pretend to, I don’t understand the draw. I will never understand it.
Marijuana, I don’t get it, why would anyone want to do anything that makes them fat, lazy and stupid? Oh and smells bad. So when you do this you are a not only fat, lazy and stupid you smell bad. No thank you. I would rather not be fat, not be lazy, not be stupid and I so totally do not want to smell bad.
Vegans, I don’t get Vegans. Animals were put here to eat, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy vegetables as well, however, without protein our hair falls out. So you would be bald. Not a good look on the majority of women. And some men.
Dishonesty, I don’t get it, it is so much simpler to tell the truth, be honest. I can imagine lies are exhausting. You have to remember who you told what to. Just be honest, temper it with some tact, but in the long run, be honest. Except if my behind looks big, don’t tell me after I have left the house and I can’t do anything about it. Tell me beforehand!
Not smiling. When someone smiles at you, smile back. Shoot smile at someone not smiling, you don’t know whose day you will make. Smile when you don’t feel like it, I promise it will make you feel better. I don’t understand people who never ever smile.
Those are just a few things I don’t understand, never will, have no desire to. Remember this idea came from Tammi!!

4 Replies to “Things I don’t understand, don’t pretend to understand and will never understand”

  1. “That’s not Food. That’s what Food Eats!”

    “See these incisors in our mouths? They are ment to rend an tear flesh. Not eating meat goes against God’s plan for us!”

  2. OK, in order…   Fantasy sports in general.  You are not playing them, you are coaching them.  That is what the excitement is all about.  I have not done any of them, but have friends who love it.  The excitement that they get is fun.  Plus you can cheer for your fantasy player even if it is on another team other than your favorite.

    Video Games are just the same as we had, just tech better and have evolved…

    Not everyone who smoke Marijuana is fat, lazy and stupid.  I personally do not smoke, but I know of people who do and they are actually very productive.  And medical marijuana is a definite benefit to those in pain and such.

    I do not understand vegans either.

    As one who has been dishonest to many times, I have corrected it.  It is very stressful to remember who u told what.  Truth is just that , the truth.

    Being over here, I smile as much as I can. Plus it makes people wonder what you are up to…

    But I do thank Tammi for the subject.

  3. I totally forgot the medical marijuana issue. Good point on that. I have to say that sectioned was aimed at someone specific. And he is fat, lazy and stupid of course that could be genetics! I still don’t get the fantasy sports things. I think that is a guy thing. And omg I can’t believe you read my blog!!! Wooohooo!

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