as most of you know I am an avid television watcher. Last night was The Office, Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. Let’s start with Vampire Diaries, this show is total greatness. The characters are fleshing out nicely, and the dialogue is not smarmy or stilted. Learning that Catherine was never in the vault but always in the world and never bothered to conact the Salvatore brothers, well played writers, well played. However, bad thing, no new shows until MARCH!! WTH! Is it due to the Olympics? Hello, DVR much?
On to The Office, how much do we love Kathey Bates as the new owner of Dunder Mifflin? She rocks this role. And Michael wanting to be a salesman but not being able to take being on the floor with the great smelly mass that is his work team. Love it. Love that Pam and Jim will be physically close in the office once more.
GA and PP, well I will not be going into the sudsy mess that is the lives of these doctors, it would take up too much space.
Let’s get back to Vampire Diaries, this show makes me miss Joss Whedon so much, I know that Dollhouse just went off the air, but I truly miss him.
His writing, his show conceptions are nothing short of brilliant, when will he realize that network television is not for him? Dollhouse would have gone on for years on SyFy or even Showtime, did you know that the viewership for Dollhouse was the same as Dexter? And at Showtime they are applauding those numbers while Fox still lags behind in the program development phase of their business. Sure they have Bones and House, but Fringe? Really? Their numbers are better than Dollhouse?
I will be very honest here, I hate reality TV, I hate American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette or whatever else they can come up with. The only place reality tv has is on E. The rest of these shows just need to fade away. Bring back real television, scripted, well written shows.
Bring back Joss Whedon!

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