Snow Day

When I was growning up, every year, it was a snow day on my birthday. My mom used to tell me it was God’s birthday present just for me. His way of showing me He loved me.
The year I moved to Atlanta, there was a huge snow/ice storm on my birthday. My mother called me and said see I told you He would find you.
All of the years in Texas it has been hit or miss for snow on my birthday. This year it was a hit, just a day late.
It is beautiful outside, big fluffy white flakes coming down. With a prediction that it will last all day.
Coffee and snow, the two ways God tells me He loves me. Today I have both.
I know it sounds silly, but for me snow makes everything perfect, it tells me all is right with the universe. That blanket of white, the great equalizer, makes even the ugliest tree look amazingly beautiful. Don’t we all want that? Something in this world which makes us all look amazingly beautiful? For me that is snow.

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