Sorry there have been no recent updates. I have been sicker than sick with Strep Throat. I would not wish this illness on my worst enemy! It was horrible; however, it has been greatness for my diet. I actually put on real clothes yesterday, not pj’s or sweats, and my jeans were looser and I looked amazing. So, I guess what I am saying is that Emily from The Devil Wore Prada was correct; I was one good flu away from my goal weight. I know I didn’t have the flu, but that was the quote.
Anyway feeling much better today, just a little weak.
Today is Super Bowl Sunday. Woohoo? I am admitting here, I do not watch football, I do not enjoy football, I have no desire to fake enjoy football for anyone’s sake. Does that make me less of an American? No, that makes me a girl.
Well what does one do if they are not watching the Super Bowl? Well, I will be hanging out with my daughter Elizabeth, since she feels the same as I. She just turned 21, and we did not get to spend her birthday together. She now lives 55 miles away and works and I work, and her Birthday was on a weekday. So today is our day.
Does anyone one else have alternative plans? Please remember this is a family friendly site, so no pervy comments!
I have vacation planned next week. I am not going anywhere, just taking the week off of work. I had originally taken it off due to my youngest son going into the air force. He is no longer doing that. Long story and not for public consumption as it is his to tell not mine. However, my birthday is also next week, Wednesday for those wanting to not waste time purchasing a gift! So I am taking my birthday week off for some much needed R&R. I had debated whether or not to take the whole week and with still not feeling up to par after the illness and still being on antibiotics would rather not take the chance of getting anything else in the Petri dish that I call work.
I also have a new addiction. SoBe water, specifically the Fuji Apple Pear flavor, it just totally rocks. They only sell it at Target. So I have to run around to the different Targets finding my flavor. Major hard work!
Well folks that is all I have for now! Everyone stay well!

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