Today my mind is a complete blank. Usually it is churning with thoughts. But today… nothingness. I don’t know what I want to do today. Will it be productive or lazy? Yesterday was incredibly productive; I got up, had coffee, played on Facebook, did laundry, and then off to my Mary Kay facial with one of my favorite customers, got to visit with her and her beautiful family, then grocery store. Then back home for a little more laundry and television watching. I watched the Frost/Nixon movie. Amazingly well done! I was in the 3rd grade when all of that happened and I remember the adults around me talking about it. But seeing it as an adult, well, truly eye opening. Tricky Dick earned his name!
Today it is overcast and rainy; a perfect day, as I love overcast and rainy. Snow would be even more perfect, I am a huge fan of winter just in case you missed it.
I need to finish the last Twilight book; I just can’t get into it, a vampire baby? WTH! Oh wait, Joss Whedon already did that, and did it very well. So is this a copycat thing? Hmmmm. I also have movies to watch. And my meals to plan out for next week, have upped my caloric intake to 900 calories a day. Did the 500 calories a day for 2 weeks, it was total greatness. However you can’t go too long on that stringent of a diet. So 900 it is for now.

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