I wanted to tell you all about an experience I had yesterday at the pharmacy. My daughter needed a refill on her prescription. The company I work for has stated that they want us to use a certain pharmacy, CVS, so off I went to CVS.
Now is the time I might mention, that I have had a pharmacy of choice that I have used for over 20 years. It is the Tom Thumb pharmacy at Independence and Parker, in Plano, TX.
So I get to CVS and she tells me that the prescription is $123.00, yes you read correctly, no typo there. At that point I said I will be needing the prescription back. Off I went to Tom Thumb, were the prescription was a whopping $35.66.
I will never ever stray again. Last year when my insurance changed, for the worse, the employees at Tom Thumb were amazing, they helped me navigate the mess that was my insurance. Making sure the medications were covered, and when they were not, calling the doctors office to get a different one that was covered or even arguing with the insurance company on my behalf to get the medications covered.
I will forever be a loyal customer of the Tom Thumb pharmacy as long as they are there. Thank you all for being so helpful and patient with me. You guys totally rock!

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