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There is a new television show Undercover Boss that airs on Sundays. This past Sunday it was the CEO of Hooters.
As I watched this particular episode, I was struck by the women on the street they asked if they would dine at Hooters. The women that they asked said they were deeply offended by the restaurant and would not dine there, the men they were with however would.
I would like to address the women who are offended by the Hooters girls. I, myself, am not offended; in fact my daughter was a Hooters girl and if the restaurant had been in the Tulsa area when I was 18 I so totally would have worked there. I don’t understand why women believe that Hooters demeans women. Twin Peaks yes, they are incredibly sleazy with their lingerie week and bikini week, Hooters has none of those and I hope they never do. I have seen the pictures of the Twin Peaks girls during lingerie night and it is appalling. In fact there is a man I work with who is maniacal about going there and in fact got the number of one waitress and texts her to find out when she is working, I might point out the girl is 18 and the man is 30+. He is a pig. Please note he is not doing that with a Hooters girl.
The uniforms cover everything and they wear hose, not just any hose, dance grade hose. These girls are covered more than I see in the mall these days. So the next time, women, you decide to make a young girl feel bad about themselves, like the ones did in this show, please take a step back, go into a Twin Peaks and realize Hooters girls are respectable. They are hard working, and work a delicate balance of good service and not blatant flirting.
I would rather my fiancée go to Hooters as opposed to Twin Peaks. I hope he takes heed of this.

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  1. I have never even heard of Twin Peaks, but I agree with you about the Hooters girls. I still think Randy needs to go on Undercover Boss! 🙂

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