I love Facebook.

I love Facebook for so many reasons. However right now I love it for reconnecting me with the people I went to high school with. As we all know I have an unnatural love of Owasso, Oklahoma. That feeling extends to my high school years. I loved school, I know, strange. I am a great lover of the learning, I was a complete nerd, and however, I think I hid it well. I don’t think anyone knew how completely nerdy I really was, I kept that part of my life pretty secret, the book reading, the Star Trek watching, however I digress.
Facebook and reconnection.
I am finding that age is the great equalizer, it erases the clique lines, the snobbery is lessened, and before you think I am judging, I was a snob, I was in a clique. Mind you not one of the super popular ones, but a clique nonetheless. Now I am finding myself getting to know people that we didn’t really go in the same circles in school and reconnecting with people I did travel in the same circles with.
I am loving it, I love that we all share experiences with different views of them, I love the fact that we want to get together and not only reminisce but make new memories together.
There is a mini reunion planned for April, I say mini due to it is not an official reunion, it is mostly made up of us who now live in Texas, with a couple of people coming from Oklahoma. There will also be people there who did not grow up in Owasso, so it is a reunion within a gathering. There will be people there whom some of us have never met except through others on Facebook. I am so looking forward to this. I talked my BFF, Tammi, into coming down for the event. She and I will be coordinating outfits and shoes. I believe I will wear my new BCBG shoes that I got for Christmas. They totally rock.
The people I have reconnected with from Owasso have had so many great life experiences and are so intelligent; I can only hope I can keep up with the conversation. I will let you all know how it goes, oh and let you all know what outfit I choose to wear to wow people I have not seen since 1992, our ten year reunion, and people I have never met. Remember, when in doubt that you can wow them intellectually, a great outfit overrides all!

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  1. I love FACEBOOK too Angie. Its addictive though. I love playing the games on it and talking to different people. Sometimes its just fun to see some of the remarks. Sometimes I get into some good discussions with people. Then sometimes its like an inspiration. Some people have some good quotes that really help out in day to day life. You know what else I love? Having good people around me…like…..U. lol

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