So today is my daughter Elizabeth’s 21st birthday. 21 years ago today it was sunny and bright outside when we entered the hospital to have her. By the time she was born it was below freezing and a raging ice storm outside. The beautiful spring newborn ensemble I had bought would not do to take her home in. She had to go in her brother’s old boy winter clothes as it was so cold outside.
That day epitomized Elizabeth’s personality, strong, adaptable and ever changing. I have always told Elizabeth that she was my birthday present. In 1989 I got 2 presents. Elizabeth and the snow storm; both were welcome, both were perfection.
When I was pregnant with her, I prayed for a girl, wanted a girl, and could feel in my bones I was carrying a daughter. I am never ever wrong; let that be a lesson to all! LOL. She is all I could have ever asked for in a daughter. She has so many of my personality traits that at times it is like looking into a mirror.
She is so much more than I am at the same time being so much like me. I am so very proud to call her my daughter. I love you Elizabeth Anne!

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