Valentines Day has come and gone. This particular Valentines Day was pretty low key for us. I did receive flowers and a cute stuffed monkey and a great card. I made breakfast for John and cooked dinner. I know you are all shocked, I am not big on the cooking thing. I can do it, I just hate it. We also went to see the movie Valentines Day, I know, cliché, but I loved it.
Thinking about Valentines Day makes me think about some of my favorite dates I have had with John.
My ultimate favorite date was on a Sunday, not a hugely romantic day as days go. The day started off badly, Chewie escaped and I was panic stricken, driving up and down the neighborhood trying to find him. I knew I would have to cancel the date as I had not found Chewie. I called John, almost in tears to tell him I could not go out with him that day, he asked what the problem was and I told him about Chewie. He said not to panic he would head right over and help me look. While he was driving over I get the call from Jess, his true owner, that someone has called and they have him. So crisis over! Date can go on as planned.
John arrives and when I get in his car he says “don’t look at my Iphone.” I thought, dude a little weird about your Iphone. But, whatever, I do as instructed. Then to my utter delight the dulcet tones of The Bay City Rollers are coming out of the speakers! He had downloaded their greatest hits and was playing it for me! No one had ever done anything that sweet for me before.
Off we go to the museum, my choice. I love the DMA, Dallas Museum of Art, (for those of you not from this area). We had the best time; we walked all over that museum, no easy feat due to me wearing brand new Dollhouse, purple suede ankle boots with 4 inch heels.
After the museum I asked if there was anything he wanted to do, he chose the Apple store, so off we go. Have I mentioned John is geeky? I am nerdy with a touch of geek; he is just old fashioned geek. So Apple store it is. Once again had the best time, more than likely due to the company.
At that point we are getting a little hungry, so he takes me to his favorite pub, the Cowboys are playing, now I am not a big football person, ok not at all, but he is, so we go to the pub and have a bite to eat and he gets to see his beloved Cowboys play.
It was the perfect date. I will never forget it as long as I live.
That is just one of my favorites, there have been many, but that one was just amazing.

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  1. Hey Angie,

    Isn’t love grand? I always love the stories about you and John. I’m really simple and I would have love the V-Day that you two shared. For me it doesnt’ have to be all flashy. I just want to know that you care and want to spend quality time with me. You two are an inspiration.

    I’m liking your blog. Its pretty cool that you have your own website just for stuff like this.

    Later Gator.

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