Conversations with Live People

This past week I have had the opportunity to have a conversation with two different people that I normally don’t truly converse with. Now before you jump to conclusions these are not hated enemies or people I look down my nose at (I haven’t looked down my nose at anyone since high school). They are just people that I don’t have an opportunity to interact with in a way that is conducive to conversation.
The first one was with a man at work, he sits on the opposite side of the building, he is kind of quiet and doesn’t socialize a lot, he simply does his work. Well this week he sat with me to see if I was having any issues with any particular part of my job. In between calls the talk became more social, he told me antic dotes about his daughter, he told me about his wife, the new baby. We talked about coffee, which for me is a total bonding moment. I simply got to see this particular co-worker in a different light. I learned some things about him, I don’t know if he learned anything about me, however, I found the whole experience enjoyable and, well, delightful. I want to thank him for all of his helpful tips and his patience with my endless questions.
My second unexpected and very enlightening conversation was with someone I have known since 8th grade; however known is a loose term here. We didn’t travel in the same circles in school, once again, not a oh I hate that person, just ran in different groups. We have reconnected on facebook, and yesterday we got to chat. And chat we did. I know he learned things about me he didn’t know, and I learned things about him I didn’t know. I feel like I have indeed made another friend for life. He and I have a shared experience and I have had an experience in my life that I hope he found helpful in hearing about. I am not ready to share what that experience is here as of yet, perhaps one day. Not a lot of people know what it is and while it is not illegal (I know you were wondering) it is intensely personal and private.
I know that is not a huge revelation, that I had a couple of conversations this week; however, it was a great experience for me. I want to encourage all of you to have your own conversations with people you don’t normally interact with. Now I am not talking about finding a stranger on the street, just perhaps someone you work with or someone you see on a daily or semi-daily basis. You might be amazed at what you find out, not only about that person but about yourself in the process. I know I learned something about myself this week, I learned that I could share something about myself and not be embarrassed about events that are of the past. I learned that my co-worker is not only super intelligent (that I already knew) but he is funny and a great family man. I hope everyone learns something about themselves this week.

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  1. I only read the first paragraph. Sometimes we get put together with people to touch their lives or for them to touch ours. I think its good to be coupled with people you dont normally communicate with.

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