Birthday Week

I know most people have a birthday. Day being the operative word, however, I choose to celebrate all week. Some years I celebrated all month long. My daughter was born February 1st, so that year it was an all month year. That year she was my present along with snow and a new TV. It was a good year.
When I was growing up in Oklahoma, every year on my birthday without fail, was a snow day from school. My mother used to tell me the snow was God’s way of saying He loved me and all was right with the world. The year I moved to Atlanta, on my birthday, was a giant snow/ice storm. My mom called me and said see, God found you. It was indeed magical.
This is a year that I could already use some magic. Seeing snow on my birthday would be exactly what the doctor ordered. Figuratively, not literally.
I have always been a cold weather person, not the howling winds of Chicago cold, but the still, snow covered cold of Colorado. I love the snow, I love winter, and I miss real winters.
In the part of Texas I am in we don’t get a lot of snow, granted we have gotten more this year than any other year. We even had snow on Christmas. And it was amazing.
So having said that, I realize that maybe God has already sent my present only a few little early.
I don’t know what I will do with this week as of yet. But I know that it will be fun, maybe not everyone’s idea of fun, but totally my idea of fun!
Happy start of my Birthday Week everyone!

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