A few helpful hints before you call your ISP for technical support.

1. We do not work on computers, if you have a virus, your computer has crashed, you are getting the blue screen of death, do not call us; call someone who works on computers.
2. Keep your computer clean, this does not mean dusting; it means clearing your history and cookies in your browser, small hint, a browser for example is internet explorer, Firefox or safari. It is the vehicle in which you “browse” the internet.
3. Make sure your modem is plugged in.
4. If your electricity is out your wireless connection is not going to work.
5. Know what your operating system is, Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac, whatever it is please be at least a little knowledgeable.
6. If you are not sure even how to turn your computer on, take a class. This is an expensive piece of machinery in your home, it is also something you put your banking information, social security number and various other personal bits of information. Not only is this your window to the world, it is the world’s window into you.
7. When you do need to call your ISP, listen, follow directions and answer the questions you are asked without attitude. Remember we are here to help you; however, you do get more flies with honey as opposed to vinegar.
8. Know your own user id and password. You are responsible for knowing your own personal information, if you have a security question and answer in place we will ask it and if you cannot answer it please know there are consequences. Ignorance of your own information is no excuse, it is just sad.
9. Lastly if you yell, curse, scream or are just in general nasty, I will still help you just not as much if you had been nicer. I understand frustration I do not understand bad manners. Remember as my Grandmother used to say “Having bad manners is worse than having no money.”
There you have it folks, take a little time to learn about your computer and how it connects you to the world. WE, the worker bees of the ISP’s are not your instructors. We are here to make sure you have a solid connection to the internet. Not to clean up your computers after you have accessed very bad sites.

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