New Day

I just regained access to Angie World. It feels good to be home. I was wondering if I should start where I last left off or begin brand new. Since I excel in the fresh starts I believe that I will do so here.
I am now engaged, I know, gasp. Who knew! I never expected to get married again. I was very happy in my singleness, I reveled in my singleness. Of course, those of you who know better than I know that is when you get zapped.
Yes, zapped. John really is an amazing man, he is kind and sweet and funny without being wimpy, and I don’t know if I have the adequate words in my arsenal to explain it. So I won’t try. Just know that I am happy. I was happy single, I was happy in a dating relationship and I am happy to be engaged to John.
He is letting me keep Dean Cain on my list as part of my prenup. Now that is saying something. My birthday is coming up so if anyone out there knows Dean Cain could you let him know it is my birthday soon….
As for me, I still love Starbucks, I still love Godiva and I still love shoes. I have been accused of being too perky at 3:30 in the a.m. I think I am just perky enough. On the way to work I listen to disco music at full volume and sing at the top of my lungs. It increases my hyper happiness mode. SSSSSHHHHHHHH don’t tell Jess.
I have no doubt he will sneak in my car and cut my radio wires if he knows this.
Ok folks that is all I have for now. More on my serious addiction issues at a later date!!

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