Bridal Show

Yesterday I went to the Bridal Show here in Dallas. I thought it might help me become more cohesive in my thought process regarding the wedding.
Was I ever wrong. I am more confused than ever. However, I think once I choose the venue it will all be good.
Then the choices are more, Limo or Horse drawn carriage, two photographers or one, how much alcohol is enough. The cake, omg the cake, the choices are endless. The only thing I do know is that I do not want fondant. I hate that stuff. I love chocolate, I love strawberries. I am going to have seriously fast in order to go cake testing.
I know what I want the reception to be like. I want it to be old school disco fun. Studio 54 here I come. I want disco balls and lighting and the music from my misspent teenage years.
There was one place that is a total possibility; they have fireworks at night, how much fun would that be on New Year’s Eve!
My colors are red and gold and I saw some beautiful things in red and gold. Even though it is two years out, everyone there told me I was smart to do that. They said New Years Eve goes fast. Most places are already booked for New Years Eve 2010, so New Years Eve 2011 is not so farfetched.
I signed up to win a ton of free stuff, I really want to win the free liposuction or the free Lasik, I am good with either.
This wedding stuff was so much simpler in 1983. I will be needing massive amounts of caffeine and Starbucks to keep my perky up to get through it.
Think good thoughts people!

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